Thursday, December 4

Homeschool xmas party

Yesterday we went to a homeschoolers end of year party. It was at a caravan park, which is kind of a wierd venue but this caravan park is more like a caravan resort. There was a swimming pool, spa, minigolf, tennis court, cinema and this really cool 20m long jumping pillow. Kind of like a jumping castle...heaps of fun.

The kids all really enjoyed themselves and it was good to see so many over homeschoolers. There were over a hundred children!

AND I also met up with an on-line friend. Yay, it was really good to meet you in-real-life Valley Sprite.

Today the weather was very tropical. Stinking hot all morning and then an afternoon thunder storm. So sticky and hot we went to the river to cool off.

My beautiful girls

My Beautiful Boys
Tui had a swim for the first time. It was so beautiful to watch her exploring the water. She'd wave her arms and splash around and then looked really shocked when the water splashed her in the face. It was so cute.

This afternoon I noticed that the cactus is in flower. They don't last longer than a day so I had to get a snap before morning when they will probably be gone.


jodi said...

Such a beautiful family you are!

Anne said...

Tui is very cute!....:)

hippymummy said...

Sounds like a dream! We're all wrapped up in winter woolies, it's been below freezing since saturday, a shivery -6 at one point **Brr**. Today is warmer, 2degrees but feels colder 'cos it's really windy. We've been forcast snow and real yukky weather for the rest of the week, brilliant - NOT!!!
I so wish that we could be over there with you and your lovely family, swimming in a river on a hot,tropical day and meeting lovely friends.
You're whole family are beautiful, Tui is beyond cute in the vid, you must be so proud, with every right to be so!!! ((hugs)) to you all xXx

Genie said...

You make divine children.. what's the recipe?

hippymummy said...

Hey hun, in response to the comment you left at my last post... When you find that desert island can we come too? No xmas, pagans only allowed!!! (nowt to do with religion, just an excuse to ban the present fest!!)

karisma said...

Lovely pictures~! Sounds like you all had lots of fun! How lucky you got to meet VS in person!

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