Thursday, November 27

Engineering and design

The children have been learning engineering and design. They have been finding out about work place safety. Developing skills in construction and innovation and most of all having fun.

The trampoline has undergone some serious transformations in the last couple of days.
Original Design

Sloped straw bale design

(deemed unsafe by the children)

Super Tramp

Flood proof Trampoline Tent

(or bouncey tree house)
I love watching how innovative and creative they can be and where a game will lead them. Even with all the lesson planning in the world I would not have come up with this!


karisma said...

Wonderful! Very imaginative! I also love the fact that they have so much room in which to be creative! My poor kids have a patch of concrete (thats all thats left of the backyard due to my garden taking over.

three moons said...

These pics are priceless! :-)

I love watching children engaged unstructured play. Its so fascinating to watch them explore and discover on their own- make mistakes, reevaluate, and try again. Not to mention, they come up with things we would never think of! lol.

The Little Mama said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing!
And thank you so for the kind comment on my blog. I love the sharing, learning and inspiration that comes from this community.

Amber said...

What a healthy form of growth. What a world of trust when you can build it and mould things yourself. When they fail you learn what to change. When they work, you have learnt a wonderful lesson. Once again Ariad you amaze me..xx

Ariad said...

It is so wonderful watching them. But I almost feel undeserving of any praise. I just decided to sit back and watch them take their journeys. I owe my children for all they've taught me about myself.

hippymummy said...

That may be true to some extent hun BUT your kids are only who and what they are because you instilled that faith in them in the first place. If you hadn't shown the courage of your convictions to them then it's unlikely that they would've been the confident self believing spirits that they are today. You and your kids BOTH deserve the praise and congratulations here, for one could never have achieved this without the other. Don't sell yourself short! (((HUGS)))

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