Tuesday, October 14

It's a wild life

The moon rising over the hills from the new back deck as accessed by the new doors.

The doors are finally in the wall. After a bit of fine tuning. Using second hand materials takes alot longer than new ones. We always underestimate the time it'll take but in the end are usually pretty happy with the results. I suppose taking into account the four kids and Peace working we should double the time we think it will take to complete a given task. ( Or maybe triple!) The wall is only half painted and we've still got to put up the architrave but it's only another days work away.

When we pulled off the old wall boards inside to replace them we found this lovely snakes skelecton as Mr T calls it. Nice to know our house provides shelter for some of the local wildlife.

Talking about wildlife, the local brush Turkey population has found a new food source- the puppies doggie biscuits seem to be a favourite snack. And the puppy has a new hobby, chasing away errant Brush Turkeys!

1 comment:

karisma said...

lovely view from the deck! The snake scares me a bit! I hope your puppy does not start chasing snakes! Eeeek

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