Wednesday, October 15

Free Birth

Another free birth happened at Rainbow Love Farm today. It was so free and unassisted and wild that we didn't even realize it had occured until after the event. Lizzy the guinea pig birthed three babes. I only managed to get a photo of one as the others were still shy. It amazes me that they're born fully furred and mobile.
It prompted me to get a photo of the rooster, Rocket Boy. He's been busy procreating too. Two hens are clucky and sitting on seventeen eggs at the moment. I think it's only about four days till they're ready according to Rain's Chook chart. Another free birthing or I should say free hatching to look forward to.

And all that's got me thinking about my own free birth of little Tui four months ago. I'm going to write about her birth soon so stay tuned.
She is four months old today. Wow time has flown. She's grown from a little helpless babe into a big smiling babe. She's starting to get that nice chubby look they get before they mobilize. And she smiles and laughs all day. (when she's awake that is.) Yesterday, a mother asked me how often she sleeps during the day. And I must have appeared really daft because at first my face went totally blank. I have no idea. Even though she is in the sling all day still, so in body contact and I am aware of when she is asleep and when she wakes I have no idea how many sleeps she has. Like beast feeding; it's an all day event! She sleeps and feeds as she needs to and it was good to realise that I can now parent in the way I want without even mentally registering the normal parenting mores. Like how is the baby sleeping, eating, putting on weight etc. It felt very freeing.


hippymummy said...

I can remember the same thing happening to me when i was a girl. I opened the cage to feed our girls and there was a mimi mama! We'd not had mama for very long and she'd obviosly arrived with a passenger. The fact that they're moblie and a mini adult amazed me too! Wonderful eh? Let's hope all the rest of your impending arrivals are as easy as these were! xXx

karisma said...

Oh how lovely! New babies are always a joy!

mscherrylane said...

What an uplifting post...I do love nature...and guinea pigs :)

actually I'm being naughty visiting your blog but came to say, I thought of you today...

Today was one of those get stared at days! I couldn't for the life of me work out why- a quick perusal no nothing,pretty sure no booga hanging out my nose and my head's not shaved either ;)

I thought of you as I suppressed my curiosity and the urge to confront with "WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT?!" But then timid little anti confrontational as usual me won over so I never found out why...the day I find enough guts to do it, I dedicate it to You! ;)

lisaschaos said...

I had no idea that guinea pigs were born fully furred and mobile. Interesting!

Your rooster reminds me of one my mom had, beautiful!

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