Friday, October 17

I went shopping for a birthday present for Zan this morning. Oh how I hate to shop. When ever I hear stereo-typical comments about women and shopping, and retail therapy etc I wonder what is wrong with me because I just don't get shopping. I hate being inside the big airconditioned, sterile places. And I don't like how everything is shoved in your face saying 'buy me, buy me, your life just won't be any good if you don't buy me!' But I kept telling myself that this too would pass and managed to stave off the usual post shopping trip headache and stress. I didn't end up finding what I was after either, every shop had closed down, sold out or stopped carrying that stock. I actually found it funny.

On a brighter note I decorated some candles with Rain and Mr T this afternoon. It's a really simple craft project that only requires some plain white candles and extra large pack of cheap crayons from Crazy Jack's Three Dollar Emporium or similar store. You just melt the crayons with another candle and drip it all over. Easy peasy and they look pretty cool.


Amber said...

Gorgeous blog....I just found it.

This is so sound chicken mad like myself..

hippymummy said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, i wondered if i has some genetic difference to most women where shopping is concerned?!! Thank goodness i'm not the only one! We are not alone! Thanks for the tip about the candles too, rainy day project i think. xXx

mscherrylane said...

those candles are very cool...can't wait to burn up some of those shitty crayons into something useful!!! ;)

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