Saturday, October 11

Food marvelous food...

Does food that you have grown yourself actually taste better or does it just seem to because of the effort and love that have gone into it? I'm sure it does actually taste better. It's just so fresh and still so full of life when it reaches your plate. Or if your like me you can't actually wait for it to reach the plate or even leave the tree. Peace taught me this trick and you can feel the energy from the tree as you taste the fruit. This is a white shatoot mulberry tree that we planted two years ago. It's grown so fast. Mr T can climb up the branches already.

And it's absolutely laden with fruit.

Shatoots have long skinny fruit. The white ones are light green and turn almost white when ripe. We've also got a red shatoot, wich has light red fruit but they're not as sweet and a traditional black mulberry which are so yum but because of their bright color the birds tend to spot them easily. And the persimon is in flower. They'd have to be my favourite fruit tree flower.

Also noticed some little apples coming on but already some birds have been at them. What can you do but share with the wildlife? I must admit we'd be eating alot more from the garden if we didn't have to share!
The vege garden is coming along well. We'll be picking the first lettuce leaves and pak choi next week. And the new herb bed behind the chook house is growing well. It's got such rich soil with all the run-off full of chook poo going straight into it.
And tonight we're eating local produce. A neighbour dopped off bunches silver beet.


karisma said...

Wow Ariad, Your trees look fantastic! Our yard is so small, everything is packed in tight but we make the most of it! And yes I agree it does taste better when you grow it yourself! I just love going out with a basket in the evenings and filling it for dinner! No preservatives or chemicals what-so-ever! Hey! I KNOW its good regardless of the taste! LOL! I dream of the day I can buy a larger property (land not house! LOL) so we can grow everything ourselves. With such a big family our garden does not sustain us, but it sure helps!

Our puppy is nearly 10 weeks old so she is still a bit sooky! Yesterday was the first time I had left her for so long which is why she wanted up all day today! I still did not catch up with everything but am going to aim for it tonight when the troops are in bed! Have a great night!

Anne said...

It does taste better when you grow your own. I love fresh peas from the vine.:)

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