Friday, October 10

I love this photo. It's the view out the kitchen window. In the front is the tree that has the platform, the trampoline and the gaint mushroom Peace made out of papier mache for Rain's fairy party last year. And the cubby is behind it all. I would have loved a play area like this when I was a kid. My favourite book for a while was the Secret Garden. I loved the idea of a secret spot where I could play. And I always imagined the little niches where the fairies would live. Sometimes I think I might be building this whole kids garden for myself more than anyone else.
I noticed that the honey suckle and the jasmine that I planted to grow over the entrance archway are finally growing new shoots. I can't wait 'til the archway is covered and in flower. It's going to look majical. And because we didn't have bad frosts this winter the lillypilli's have survived and are actually growing.
Next I want to fill out the garden beds so it's nice and thick and private around the cubby house. Also a path through the center with a mosaic hopscotch thingy in it.
I could go on and on. I love cubbies and tree houses. If we ever buy a big acreage Peace and I would love to build a kind of tree house village. With all sorts of tree houses and faerie houses where people can come and stay. And rope bridges through the trees and flying foxes ; a whole adults sized faery play ground!
It's finally raining! It's been threatening all week but now the drops re actually falling. Yey, a day off watering the garden and new trees and a bit more water in the tank!

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mscherrylane said...

I loved the secret garden for the same reason :) a tree house faerie village sounds like an awesome project- sure it would be a fun attraction for kids!

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