Thursday, October 9

Rainbow love

I wish I could give all the depressed people out there a hug. I know that may sound trite and irreverent but I've dealt with depression and I know how it is. It's true but sad that I also know that in the deepest despairing moments a hug will do nothing.
A friend came over on Monday saying he was really depressed and didn't know what to do. I almost held my tounge because it's not so cool to speak about. Instead we listened and then I told him about my experiences with depression. On Tuesday we heard that another friend had commited suicide on Monday. Was Monday such a bad day? What the heck was going on in the cosmos?
I hope you have found peace at last Nick.


karisma said...

I think Hugs never go astray! But the best thing you can do for someone who is depressed is just listen (provided of course, they want to talk about it).

I often say the same thing though when out and about, "Oh that person needs a hug!" It must be a mummy thing! LOL! But there are so many miserable people out there these days and if their not depressed they are angry!

mscherrylane said...

not meaning to sound like a spruiker but I think TCM/acupuncture has reasonable results with depression (google black dog institute for latest on research into laser acupuncture on depression)

whatever the case I think western drugs like SSRIs are evil -once you pop you can't stop! have a friend like this who has become a brick wall and all the western docs have done is just upped her dosage...also learn alot from hearing from patients.

sorry to hear about your friend...depression is one of the most frustrating elusive things in life to have people you care about suffer from-hence why it is a particular area of interest I might end up specialising in just cos it totally shits me to be so helpless!

Ariad said...

I so agree with the listening thing. Most people feel they have no one to talk to or understand them. I'm going to have a look at the TCM stuff. I know a few western herbs and dietry things that help. I think it's so worth specializing in ms cherrylane.

hippymummy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, i too hope that they've found peace. Depression IS a terrible burden to carry, we are told to cheer up or pull yourself together, do something to take your mind off it. No problem then! Maybe a hug wont help much BUT it'll sure help someone more than one of those statements thats for sure!

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