Monday, September 22

We started building a fence around the veggie garden this morning. While digging holes for the fence posts we found heaps of clay. So the kids scooped it out into a bucket and mixed it down with water and strained it and spent hours making things out of clay. Then I spent awhile cleaning clay off the side of the house. MrT thought it was a fun game to throw balls of clay and watch them splat!

And cleaning the foot prints off the floor.

After talking about life cycles of frogs yesterday, Rain drew up one for plants. It still always amazes me that when left to their own devices children will make up their own 'school work'.

Then we had a strawberry picnic in the shade on the cubby house deck.


Anne said...

Yum I love strawberries. :)

Ariad said...

I used to love 'em when I was little and then remember tasting them as an adult and thinking that they were a sour, uninteresting fruit! But now we've grown our own and they're not chemically fertillized or sprayed I can't get enough.Yummm...

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