Tuesday, September 23

Sew happy

Got my sewing machine out today for the first time in almost a year. Mainly because I had to, because the baby sling was falling apart at the seams. I made a new one out of a bed sheet and an old table cloth. Then the kids, all excited at this unfamiliar piece of machinery in the house wanted to learn how to sew.

Rain sewed her first skirt.

Just out of a simple rectangle of material. I did the elastic waistband for her. She's already designing some more clothing to sew.

Then we went to a birthday party down by the river. It was for Mama Bear and Papa Bears youngest boy's third birthday. MrT had loads of fun. And I met some really nice Mamas there.


Greenlee's Forest said...

I bow to your sewing prowess! I am amazed you made a baby sling out of a sheet & bedspread!!!!!! You make it sound like it was easy too... LOL...like you just whipped it up! :)

I would love to be able to sew well. I am pretty poor at it.

Ariad said...

Ha ha, it was actually tricky with the baby balanced on one knee. My stitching isn't too straight! But it's a simple patern made out of a rectangle of material so not too hard.

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