Monday, September 22

Bees and Bindi-eyes

Spring is also the time that clover grows all over the lawn and attracts bees. I wouldn't mnd but I'm alergic to bees. Have to get out there and mow the grass. And Bindi-eyes...the enemy of every Australian kid in summer. The prickles on these little suckers can almost puncture a bike tyre. Often I've had to rescue one of the kids. 'Help, I'm stuck in a patch of bindis!' So I'll be pulling prickles out of my feet for the next few weeks.

I sprayed alot of the bindis with vinegar. It works best if it's a really hot day. And you've got to get them before the prickles develope. I have used about four litres of vinegar but there was no way I was going to be able to spray the whole 2 1/2 acres. There is a bindi free path to the clothes line and to the car and most of the childrens garden has been done.

It has been so warm that I thought I'd better make little Tui a sunhat. Isn't she cute.


Emily said...

Hi there,

Just wondering, while the bindis which come out each summer in my yard are green, would spraying the front lawn with vinegar also kill the Buffalo grass?

And we have a few invading plants coming through the buffalo, what in particular does the bindi look like? does it have flowers? Or is it the one with green burs looking a bit like miniature Venus fly-traps, or is it the plant with the purplish stem and green leaves a little like those of clover?

Any description would be very much appreciated, so I can get out there and pull the right ones up before I have to start pulling them out, with a bit more pain..


Ariad said...

Sounds like the green ones with the burrs are bindis. I have noticed that it doesn't effect the grass too much, but I usually try to spot-spray the prickles which can be a bit tedious! The bindi has fne carrot type folliage and the leaves spray out in a circle from the base. I hope that helps.

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