Sunday, September 21

Rainbow Love Gardening

Peace, Rain, MrT and I spent the morning planting out the new veggie garden. We decided to move the old one because it blocked the view from the house. It really does look much better now it's gone. The new garden is further away but it's alot closer to the dam for watering. We are still watering by hand. One day we'll have to buy a pump and then I'll turn on the tap and sit back and watch while the garden gets watered. This week while Peace has some time off work we can work on the second bed. It is just so good to know we'll be getting fresh, organic veggies again soon.

Rain watering the new veggie garden.
When we were watering we found some tadpoles in the dam. So now we have two as pets. Rain looked up what to feed them and MrT was really interested to learn they would turn into frogs, he was so cute, saying he loved his new pets.
Afterwards we were all hot and dirty so we loaded in the car and went up to the state forest for a swim. Tui had her first swim. It was so cute to see her little baby face as she explored the feeling of the water. It's so nice to see skin again. Being a Winter baby she has been rugged up since she was born. And baby wrinkles and dimples are just so CUTE!

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