Friday, April 5

Winter Warmers

While Winter is still awhile away it is beginning to get cooler at night.
Tonight the wind has been howling up the valley and has inspired me to make a few more Winter Warmers.

Here are some pics of my latest creations.
Some one-of-a-kind, free-form crochet Leg Warmers.

These were made with a series of rows and then finished at the bottom with many spirals and circles all free-formed and hand stitched together.

The colours are a mix of beautiful Autumnal tones of browns, oranges and maroons.

Here's a close-up of the bottom section of the warmers.
Under the spirals they are finished with a flared frill. 

They are 48cm long and could be worn above or below the knee depending on your leg length.

The top opening is 42cm so they have plenty of room to be worn over leggings.
They are fastened with a hand-corded draw cord which has been finished with decorative crocheted spirals, tassels and beaded with wooded beads.

These Warmers are for sale but I am not setting a price. They are for sale for "What you think they are worth to you."

If you would like to buy them  leave me a comment.

If you like these there are more in the making, so keep a watch here.
They will be different colours and styles of course because no too creations are ever the same :)


Anonymous said...

Sally, these are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to buy these from you instantly, & would wear them constantly through winter (& beyond!) if I could. However, have just returned last night from a roadtrip to Daylesford Victoria, which completely blew the budget out of the water, & my campervan is due to be registered on Monday morning. So purchasing a pair of leg warmers is out of the budget for a few weeks to come. Please let me know if you would be happy to consider an arrangement whereby I could send you some money each week until they are paid for. I have never before bought leg warmers, either store bought or handcrafted, nor do I know what kind of price would be honouring you for these. It would be great if you could give some kind of idea. Would these also be able to be worn on the forearms? Thanks,love & light to you, Kelia xxx

monique said...

these are beautiful! my,wot talented lady you are!

Gail Poad said...

one one one fourLovely Sally.You must have a room full of your designs.x

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