Wednesday, November 30

This month- November

November has been a busy month. We started the month in Thailand.

Tui and I on the Ferry to Koh Phangan

Spent the first 9 days on the Island of Koh Phangan.

Tui in one of her (many) new outfits. The kids cloths were just so cute and so cheap I couldn't resist!

...waking up to beautiful sunrises

...exploring beaches and villiages

Mr T picked his first Coconut.
Kayaking to deserted Islands

...where we found Wilson (Tom Hanks' mate)

Although technically I think Wilson was actually a volley ball.

And since we arrived home I've been creating like mad.

Going to local celebrations and to the beach,

...and finding Faeries at the bottom of the garden.

Not to mention that it's almost that time of year again!


Luscious Lea said...

In the picture where she has the face paint on, Tui looks so big!

Ariad said...

I know! She has grown so much and is starting to look more 'little girl' than baby. Bitter-sweet...

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