Friday, November 18

Right now.

Last night I had insomnia again. It's pretty normal lately, and I have learnt that instead of fighting it and getting frustrated because I can't sleep then just get up and do something til I feel sleepy. So I've been getting heaps of sewing and reading done.

I finally crawled into bed in the wee hours and not long after Tui woke up.
She is so happy and giggly when she wakes up. She was whispering in that kind of stage whisper that little kids do, trying to be quiet and not wake everyone else. So we got up together and played some games and then I got to see this beautiful Sunrise...

I'm hoping for an afternoon nap, or maybe that is just wishful thinking, but the smiles on my babies face and this glorious sunrise are things to be thankful for even if I am a little tired.


A Blessed Life said...

How lovely,God is good.

Suzie said...

Oh, I know how this feels. :)

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