Thursday, November 17

Marvels and Dreams

I will get around to posting some more of our Thailand adventure soon, but for now I have been hit with a creative urge and have been designing some new skirts. Inspired by the lace and frills and bustles of 1870's clothing and the Steam Punk fashion I am currently working on a bustle wrap skirt.

It will be finished soon and up on my newly designed shop website. It also has a new name Marvels and Dreams.
I wanted to change the concept of my shop and here is the new spiel about what I am doing there.
I'll let you know here when it is up and running again.

Most of the clothing at Marvels and Dreams is designed and hand-made by me, Ariad. 
Each piece is a unique creation. I don't have the desire to recreate my designs; to create a mass-produced range of clothing; I'd rather create when I am inspired.

I love the idea of everyone wearing unique clothing that reflects their personality/mood/look. My passion is to create one-off pieces that will resonate with someone and become a beloved garment.

Each piece is created with love and inspiration.
Each piece is created with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Techniques include machine stitching, hand-sewing, embroidery, applique, crochet and beading.

Often a combination of these is used in each garment. I use a wide variety of materials in my creations. Reclaimed fabrics and yarns, acrylic yarns and fibres, pure wool, alpaca and hand spun and naturally dyed cottons.

My creation is a continually evolving experiment. I love to discover new techniques and invent new ways of doing things.

Most of my creations emerge without a pattern, just a seed of an idea in my head. Sometimes it takes weeks to find the right materials to finish an item. Sometimes it takes months to flesh out a design.

Some other items for sale are re-designed clothing and interesting accessories.

I off back to my sewing machine now, have a lovely day all.


A Blessed Life said...

Well who's a clever girl then..looks wonderful..

Ariad said...

Thanks A Blessed Life, I am enjoying creating again.

Hellena Post said...

love your description of what you make, how you make it, and where you want it to go!! Absolutely gorgeous. And the skirt's a stunner too:) Do you reckon a trip into another reality has spurred this creative explosion?? Is it good to be home?? Can't wait till we get a bit settled and can start hanging out!! peace and blessings:)

Ariad said...

Yeah, Hellena maybe going somewhere else has inspired me a bit. Being home? Not sure if I am glad or not yet... Can't wait to catch up. Are you in your house yet?

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