Thursday, August 4

Why do you have no hair?

People often ask me why I have a shaved head. To be truthful, I have had short hair for so long now that it always surprises me when people ask.
I am used to children commenting about my hair cut. I love that they are so innocent of etiquette that they say things out loud. And it's often a bit amusing to see their parents shushing them and getting all embarrassed. I really don't mind when kids say innocent stuff and don't use their "manners"; as you can probably tell from my parenting style, it really doesn't bother me :)
Usually children say "Mum, why does that lady have no hair?"
But once I heard  child ask, "Mum, why is that man wearing a dress?" lol
I guess that particular child had never seen a woman with short hair...

I first shaved my head when I was 20 years old. I'm now 39 so for nearly half my life I've had this hair style!
I'd had long hair my whole life til then.
One reason I never had short hair as a child was because I did ballet. Yes, I know that these days you can do ballet with a short hair cut but I did have a rather old fashioned ballet teacher. Every student had to have their hair tied in a bun. Not just for performances but even for lessons she was really strict about having any loose hairs 'flying around'!
Girls that had fringes had to pin and spray them back. Girls who were so rude as to actually cut their hair short were required to buy hair pieces and spend hours pre-class doing their hair.

I can remember my motivation for cutting my hair when I was twenty.
I wanted to have a new start in my life.
I was absolutely sick and tired of being pretty and girly. I was the typical fit, blonde, tanned beach girl and I didn't want to be treated like that anymore...either by males or females.
I wanted to do something radical. I was so tired of conforming my whole life. As a kid I totally brought into the lie that if you are polite, if you do well at school, if you excel at sports, if you are nice to people then everyone will like you and you will succeed in life.
I think I was very naive. Of course I was! I was a kid, but I also think that my personality and circumstances dictated that naivety.

I was under no illusion that changing my hairstyle would change my life but I also knew that it would change how other people viewed me.

Now I am just so used to it. It is such an easy hair style to maintain! Once a month I pull out the clippers and that is it. No washing or brushing or trimming or bad hair days!

I sometimes get asked if I am a Buddhist. Well my religious beliefs do include Buddhism but this is not the reason for my hair cut.

I have thought about growing my hair someday but I can't really imagine doing it soon.


Luscious Lea said...

that first picture is gorgeous, well they all are, but the first one especially so.

Kimmie said...

Gorgeous indeed!

Sazz said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing. It never occurred to me to ask why lol but I love it, it's like you reclaimed yourself from the ballet years. What was it like when you 1st made the change? Did you notice a sudden change to how you were received by others? You're making me wanna shave mine off :D

Hellena Post said...

Love the shaved do....I moved into a 3 story white tower in the blue mountains overlooking mountains and valleys, and one of the first things I did was shave my hair, and then I found out the woman who'd built it had a shaved head too.....and then all my visitors started leaving with shaved heads or shaved bits of hair dos - it was a hoot! And also gave me one of my best ever know when your hairs at that gorgeous velvety stage?? I used to rub my head up and down a potential lover's arm and say "let me be your loofah" in a bad transylvanian accent:) Worked like a charm!! You can use it if you like:) I reckon you're stunning with the shaved head, and can totally relate to the ease of it all:)

Kimmie said...

Ariad in my reader I note that you have twice started a blog post in the last 24 hrs only to remove it. I can see from the first few lines that it is about sadness and despair. Please publish it and get it off your chest. Sharing ones load often lightens it. We are all here to support you.



Ariad said...

Thanks Kimmie, I am trying to be brave

Magda said...

Hello Ariad,
I read Kimmie's Post about your hesitancy in sharing your traumatic memories and followed Kimmie's advice to give you a supportive visit.

Read your aching memories being put into words... adored the beautiful flow of Visitors give truly encouraging words of support to you.
Visited your Rainbow Emporium, travelled through some of your other Posts. Read your Profile Introduction.
Read your Profile Introduction Words again...

Ariad... whatever reason has burst your rotten memories into the fore right now... or maybe into culminating into an overflowing overload right now...
Read your own Profile Words... they are remarkably beautiful...

Those memories darkening your view right now are certainly not who you are... they are ugly memories of what you experienced not how you feel or how think I am sure.

I have chosen this Post, the one just before the horrors came to the fore, this one where you simply write about an aspect of you, and maybe has been a bit of a trigger for your painful memories.

You are quite beautiful Ariad.. no hair does not remove that.
You write about Ballet, and the discipline... pure Classical, know it well. "Mao's Last Dancer" indicates well severe discipline that can also bring forward astonishing Dancers if Ballet is their forte.

The photo of you crossing the stream with one of your blessings shows me how purely ballet is still the way your body moves and feels what is around it and senses what it touches.

Have you considered during times of greatest personal darkness, to choosing the most emotionally wrenching music and simply letting it enfold your soul, reach your body and allowing your feelings to move and dance the emotion, allowing all the colours of Nature, all the Beauty of Nature, all the Pain of Nature to join in your Story?

Nature would be able to empathise intensely with you, and how beautifully emotive will be the Dance you and Nature Share As The Music Guides You Through the multitude layers of Feelings, Rolling and Weaving the Tapestry of Light Exchanged.

I believe in the Power of Dance, the Power of Music Creating the Dance... I am forever thankful Ballet training was part of my Life, am forever thankful my Body still at 60 feels the release of expression the combination of Music, Nature and Dance gives, even if Grounding becomes necessary afterwards and can feel like a downer, when in reality it is simply one is empty of what was released during the Story told in Dance.

I do hope you discover this at this time of need, and maybe be of benefit.

Love your new environment... lovely to find a place you can enjoy... and oh yes, the Bliss of a Bath to sometimes soak in... and a glorious Kitchen to create in... Dreams of wonder do sometimes become reality.

Hugs to you Ariad, from Magda in Australia... (Queensland)

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