Sunday, May 1

The single thing

It's my third week of being a single parent. It's hard.
I love that I don't sit around and have heated discussions every night with my ex but it is so quiet at night.
I love that I can go to bed when I want, read and leave the light on for hours if I want, but I have no one to talk about what I read with.
I love being able to wake in the morning and not have to tell the kids to be quiet ,
I love that I can parent the way I want without every issue creating a need for discussion before I can say anything to the kids.

BUT it is lonely.

It's hard being the one who always drives, the one who always cooks dinner, the one who always deals with the kids issues, the one who fixes things and plays games and changes light bulbs.

But it's really not that different to how I lived before.

Maybe when Peace looks after the kids I may get to experience the quiet that life is without kids...I don't know?


karisma said...


sue said...

Sending you much peace, blessings and very big hugs accross the miles. :)
sue x

messyfish said...

"When one door closes, sometimes we are left standing in the hallway a while before the next one opens."

Erin said...

Thinking of you & sending you peace.

Kimmie said...

You have such a beautiful soul Ariad I just know good things are in store for your future.

Luv n hugs


Y_T said...

(((HUGS))) x2! We all know true happiness comes from within anyway right?

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