Friday, April 29

Feeling like home

Our love shack is starting to feel like home. Peace came over yesterday and brought his ute so we went to the storage shed where all our belongings from our old house are and got a few bits and pieces to make the shack feel like home. We can't get everything out of storage yet, this place is just way too small and the place Peace is moving into is small as well.

The bedroom is looking cosy. Tama has made a cosy play area under the main bed where Tama, Tui and I sleep.

We curtained off a little area for Rain so she has a private room.

Went thrift shopping and bought a bean bag and some cushions to make the verandah into a nice little lounge room.

And perhaps the most homely thing of all is to have the vegie garden. Today we picked radishes, Black Russian Kale, Celery, Celon Spinach, leeks, lettuce and spinach to put into a soup for Dinner.


karen said...

your little place is so cute:)

karisma said...

Oh its looking lovely already! Don't be surprised if you find a stray Karisma in your loungeroom. hehe! I am feeling like I need walk a bout!

Ariad said...

Oh, a stray Karisma would be soooo welcome :D

Kimmie said...

Hi Ariad

Hope you are settling in and that it is starting to feel like home. Did I miss something, is Peace not moving with you?

Hope the kids are all smiling and that you are ok?

Much love always


majikfaerie said...

it's looking lovely :) I miss you so much!

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