Tuesday, May 24

The most precious gift

While at the Australian National Rainbow Gathering I got to spend time with my dearest long time friend Charlotte. I met Char way back in the day when I was (supposedly) studying at Melbourne University.
It has been so long since I have spent time with her. So it was awesome to be rainbow neighbours for a few days and to chat over many smokey cups of tea brewed in the billy by the fire. It was amazing to watch our children playing together (who'd've thunk it all those years ago that we'd be watching our kids shoot each with guns that fire rays of love!)  
We even managed a couple of child free hours together to chat and hang out and take a day trip to the closest town to the Rainbow, to browse in Op shops and second hand stores. And we even managed to be home by tea-time, no disappearing into Rabbit holes for these responsible grown-ups ;)
In one shop, a veritable wonderland of odds and ends and treasures, Char bought me this wonderful set of tea cups and saucers, they are just soooo damn cute!

When finally my dream Tea Shop becomes a reality I will serve you a fine English high tea from these very cups Char :)
But the most precious gift of all is not the tea set, it is the wonderful gift of friendship you have given me. The years of love and understanding, fun and mischief we have shared.

Thank you

Char blogs over here check out her amazing art, clothing and beautiful words.

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Kimmie said...

Adore your polka dot tea set!

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