Tuesday, May 24

Forest Dwelling Pixie Hoodie

I finished my first sewing project on my new machine just before I left to go to the Rainbow Gathering. It wasfortuitous because my new hoodie was soooo warm and the nights at the gathering were very cold. The new sewing machine works wonderfully (any mistakes were all human error ;)

It was one of those organic sewing projects that grew of its own accord. It started as a vest, turned into a jacket and ended up as a forest dwelling Pixie hoodie.

I made it out of polar fleece (nice and cosy) and decorated it with heaps of hand sewing.  The hems are all over locked and then hand blanket stitched. I crocheted some crazy pure wool panels then hand felted them and sewed them around the bottom.

Added a few beads (wooden, hand-made and Jobes tears beads).

Hand stitched a spiral felted design on the back and used faux fur to decorate the hood.

What do you think? Could I run off and live with the pixies?


Luscious Lea said...

That is very funky! What a great first project; can't wait to see what other wonderful creations you come up with :)

Ariad said...

Thanks Lea. It was so much fun to make!

karisma said...


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