Thursday, January 13

A Lovelea Gift

Yesterday, when the post man actually managed to get through because the flood waters had receeded enough for the roads to be opened I got a lovely surprise. There was a parcel in the post for me from the Lovely Lea. A package of three awesome cloth pads.

You can find Lea's shop here and if you are on facebook checkout her page here.
She also makes really cool cloth nappies :)


Luscious Lea said...

Glad you like them :D

Ariad said...

They are awesome Lea!

majikfaerie said...

lucky you! and how tricky of lea to manage to get into your pants!

Ariad said...

ha ha ha MF :)

amore2 said...

there great, lovely job. i made a stash of them last year, best things ive ever sewn.

Luscious Lea said...


All the hot chicks are getting gifts in the mail from me lately :)

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