Sunday, January 16

Displaced wildlife and a wee little garden.

The forgotten victims of the recent flooding are all the wildlife. There are so many animals that have been affected by the floods. Their homes and burrows destroyed by raging water, food sources washed away and animals directly killed by the floods.
We have been having many visits from snakes this last week. I guess they are all up here away from the river and also are out looking for food now that it is sunny enough for them to be on the move.
This snake made it's way into a box of crockery I had packed to move.
The box was out in the shed but Peace thought the box looked too flimsy to hold the weight of the crockery so brought the box into the house to repack...and as he was unpacking it he came across this carpet python.
Carpet pythons are harmless although they do grow very big and the thought of having any snake inside the house is enough to scare the crap out of me...
He took the box out and the snake slowly moved on.
We have seen 5 snakes this past week, usually we see that many over a couple of months. Luckily they have all been pythons. Three carpet pythons, a Green Tree python and a Brown Tree Python.

This morning Mr T spent hours making things out of his block and then he helped me to make a mini-Rainbow Love Farm.

I am sad at the thought of leaving all my plants behind so we took some cutting of some herbs and planted them all into one big broccoli box, so that where ever we end up I will have the beginnings of a new herb garden.
We planted some lemon grass, comfrey root, ceylon spinach, oregano, yarrow, garlic chives and a small chill seedling. It looks a bit sad at the moment but hopefully they will all survive.


Kimmie said...

We have had a few unwelcome visitors also Ariad ugggg!


Ariad said...

Thinking of you Kimmie.
Hugs to you and heartpoet

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