Friday, December 10

Well, it's that time of year again...

I was trying to think of something fresh to write about christmas but instead I'm just going to be lazy and re-post this from last year. Well not exactly lazy because I think I said it well already;)

This Christmas I wish for you that all the wrapping paper you receive is old newspaper or recycled kids art-works and that it ends up mulching your gardens.
I hope everyone appreciates the effort you've put into your hand-made gifts.
Hoping your children don't receive any presents made with poisonous plastics or lead paint.
May your in-laws NOT feed the kids too many artificial food additives.
I wish for you that you don't receive too much crap that you will have to keep because you'd feel too guilty to give it straight to good-will.
I hope that none of your friends or relatives argue or get too drunk and obnoxious.
I hope you get as much from giving as receiving.

BUT most of all have FUN and remember to LOVE
It's only one day after all. See you the other side of Christmas.


Kimmie said...

Love it~!

Merry Christmas Ariad to both you and your gorgeous family. You are truly blessed!



T_Y said...

It can not be a year since that post, already? Wishing you all a happy crazy xmas time :)

sue said...

Hey, thanks for re posting, I needed to read this today :)
Christmas happiness to your lovely family xx

karisma said...

Thanks for the big grins! Hugs lovely, hope you have a good one!

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