Sunday, December 12

How much rain???

I think the photos speak for themselves. This is the back yard...not our dam.


karisma said...

Wow! We seem to have missed most of the rain this week. We had loads last week and then it has just been HOT! LOVE the fact that the kids are making the most of it! I wanna play too! :-) Hugs xoxox

Oh PS..If Rain did not get the parcel yet, it should be there soon, I posted it on Wednesday. Put in something for Mr T too.

Donna said...

Wow, look at your yard! My kids would love your yard - I bet yours are having fun!

Ariad said...

Oh, I wish it were hot here Karisma....doesn't really feel like Summer yet, although as you can see it doesn't stop the kids from
Rain did get her parcel. THANK YOU!!! She was soooo excited and Mr T loved his book too. I think Rain was going to post about it on her blog today.
Big hugs

majikfaerie said...

wow, that's quite a lake you've got going there!

messyfish said...

Excellent fun!

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