Tuesday, November 23

Today's walk

Today on our afternoon walk we saw this amazing fungus growing on the piece of peach wood we used to build the cubby house hand rail.

And the native Iris's are in flower and looking so stunningly elegant.

We also saw a golden tree, some huge termites nests in trees and a Bronze-wing pidgeon.

And we found this beautiful Pheasants feather and three paper daisies.

So many treasures.

As Mr T said to me while we were walking
"Mother Nature always helps us. That's why we have a home and family and love."


Kimmie said...

Mr T's wise words melt my heart~!

karisma said...

So beautiful! I had to remind myself the other day to stop and take notice of the small things, its so easy as adults to forget and miss all these treasures. Mr T, so beautifully put!

Ariad said...

Yes K. Often I will walk in a daze but when I try to see the treasures and the beauty of things viewed from a childs perspective I enjoy it so much more.

majikfaerie said...

MrT rocks, that's for sure.

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