Sunday, November 21

Kids Tipi

We have had a busy weekend here. Yesterday we went down to the river near town and cut some bamboo for the poles for the kids tipi.

P cut the bamboo while I started striping off the branches.

The kids all helped too.

I couldn't wait until xmas so I gave the kids the tipi today and we all helped set it up. (Oh, and in this pic I'm wearing the new pants I sewed yesterday)

I love how it turned out. The finished tipi looks great!

They loved it and played inside all afternoon.

Yesterday when we were in town Rain found this cute dress for Tui at the local thrift shop. It is perfect outfit for picking strawberries in the garden.


Erin said...

The tipi turned out great!!! I love it :) Kudos on the newly sewn pants & great little thrift shop find as well :)

Luscious Lea said...

The tipi looks awesome!!! What lucky kids you have to have such a loving mumma who will go to the work of making the most wonderful Christmas present.

Tui's little dress was so well suited to her task.

majikfaerie said...

oh awesome! perhaps you want to come over and help me when I sew our next one.

Ariad said...

I'd love to MF :)

messyfish said...

Wow! What a great idea and big project. All finished. I admire that.
Also, I was wondering if you mind if i quote you on my blog from last years Christmas message you wrote? I will link back to you if course. It was a pearler and the message needs spreading!

Ariad said...

Thanks Messy fish, don't mind at all.

karisma said...

It looks absolutely AWESOME! And I would not have been able to wait till xmas either! I was just complaining the other day about having to wait for "special" days to give presents. I like to give them when I think of it, right then and there! I think the masses around me were ready to bonk me on the head. They say, I can give out as many presents as I like but they still want more on xmas day! Pffftttttttt!!!!!!

Ariad said...

I totally agree Karisma. I love to give pressies when I think of it and hate having to wait for special days.

Louise said...

What a fabulous tipi you made :)

I am also one for giving pressies when moved to.

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