Saturday, September 4

There's a spring in my step:)

Spring is here. It's been creeping up for the last couple of weeks, only to duck behind a tree when Winter brings out a frosty cold morning. But now she's here in her full glory.
If last night was any indication it is time to put away all those extra layers of Winter blankets.
The birds are back in abundace. Parrots, Galahs, Lorrikettes, King Parrots, Fig Birds and Spangled Drongos(who I must mention because that is my favourite bird name ever!) are gathering in the trees to eat all our mulberries!!! But they are a riot of colour and bird song in the early morning.
I love this time of year, everything renewing, blossoming... it makes me feel more alive too.


Kimmie said...

My fav birdy also Ariad. We have one that sits on our clothesline and he makes such a pretty sound!

karisma said...

Sounds lovely! Spring is teasing us here too! We had a couple of glorious days and then the rain and cold came back again! Looking forward to tomorrow, they say the sun will be back again!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo

Bec said...

Hi! Just came asross your blog and I am sure I have been here before so happy to be back :) Spring is my favourite too.

messyfish said...

happy spring to you and your family... cant say its reached us yet (maybe it will never come)

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