Friday, August 27

Getting ready to go.

Sometimes with a family of six it can take awhile to get ready to leave the house, even when we are just going to the shop 10 minutes away it can take twice as long just to get in the car:) o I usually give the kids a bit of warning so they can get ready.

Tui loves getting ready to go. I just now told her that we'd be going out to pick-up her big brother soon so straight away she said "me get ready" and ran off to get her things.

So now I'm looking at her pile of belongings by the front door, that she wants to take on the car ride.
two bags
a toy hammer
a jumper
an odd shoe
a fly swat
a sock puppet
and a hula hoop

I guess she'll be ready for any eventuallity :D


Kimmie said...

Go the fly swatting hoola hoopin gurl~!


karen said...

lol funny girl:)

FaerieMama said...

Your blog makes my day every time...
THANK YOU for writing! Your stories, your family, your thoughts - bring me great joy!

Erin said...

HA! I love it ... My little girl does this too. She grabs the most random things that she simply must leave the house with. But ... the funniest part of it all, is that in the end, she invariably does end up finding a good use for all of these things :) Thanks for the giggle ...

messyfish said...


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