Friday, July 23

The Earth Wept

When I was cleaning out my junk yesterday I came across heaps of stuff I've written over the years. So I thought I might share some on here.

The Earth Wept
She had been probed and prodded, epillated and scarred, drained and defiled. And one by one her children were disappearing, all except one who was proliferating like a noxious weed.
Originally she'd had such high hopes for human kind; they would protect the others, honor her body and spirit and in exchange she'd provide them with everything they could ever need.

But collectively they had gone mad.
They no longer ate the food she provided but dug it up and chemicalised and plastisized it before they found it palatable and safe for their children to eat. They no longer drank from her pristine waters but defecated in them, they filled her streams with half decomposed bodies and bastardised chemicals they had synthesised out of the parts of her body they had torn from the ground.
They no longer walked bare foot through her meadows and had lost the ability to feel her power flow into them.
They couldn't even do something as simple and natural as procreate without following and breaking the long list of rules they'd made up governing this most sacred act.

Mankind had forsaken it's Mother. And although she tried to keep giving her resources were not limitless.

Oh how she wept.


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This is both wonderful and sad at the same time, you have a way with words that is truly a gift xXx

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