Friday, July 23

Beautiful Blogger award:)

Thank you Karen and Majikfaerie to for passing on to me the Beautiful Blogger award :)

There are 3 rules associated with the Blogger award.

1. Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award.

2. Pass the award on to the bloggers whose blogs you love

So I pass this award onto some of the blogs I love reading
Wild as Weeds
Creating My Own Little Nirvana
Girls Wear Blue Too
Alternative Suburbia


FaerieMama said...

Thank you ariad -- so kind! After a rough few days, even little acts of kindness like yours really buoy me up. THANK you!

Erin said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Ariad :) You added a smile to my day!
Much Peace.

Kel said...

Aww thanks!

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