Monday, May 10

Water testing

Once a month P and I do water testing on a couple of local creeks for the Mary River Catchment Co-ordination Commity.
It's a great excuse to go and hang out in these gorgeous places for a couple of hours.
And a great lesson for the kids about the science behind the water testing instruments and about reasons why we need to test the water. To keep it clean, to make sure no chemicals are entering the water way, to make sure the fish can survive.

Even though the water was too cold for me to swim, it's never too cold for the fearless Mr T!

I love this place. This is our closest swimming hole and it's great during Summer as the water is shaded and nice and cool.

The branches of these teatrees amaze me how they grow out over the water on such an angle.

The family chilling on our favourite sitting rock in the middle of the creek.

One of my favourite rainforest trees. Weeping Lilly pilly.

One of the lovely cascades.

Tui the rain forest fairy.

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karisma said...

Beautiful pictures!

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