Tuesday, May 11

Lush growth

Some of the more hardier plants have started to take over the garden. I love these plants, they are the ones you don't have to worry about, you can forget to water them for weeks and they still grow and grow. They are also prolific producers of food.

This is the Madargasca bean growing on the garden fence. The beans are used dried like kindey beans. They are spotty pink and white beans. We always get bucket loads of these and they are so much more tender than dried beans you buy at the shops, and therefore have a heaps qicker cooking time.

But they are really starting to encroach on the paths...

and on the other plants. Here you can see the little basil poking it's head out but it'll be gone in a couple of days.

The pumpkins ae another prolific grower. This one is suspended from the top of a peach tree.

And another abundant plant is the perenial plant warrigal spinach (native to Australia) that is growing on the other side of the garden fence. So I had to make a decicion today, do we only want to eat spinach, pumpkins and beans or should I pull some of them out?
Well I decided to do a little (actually a lot of pruning back) I hate to waste good food but the chickens loved all the prunings which means more yummy eggs.

At least I know that th spinach will grow back, the pumpkin vines are reaching the end of their growing season anyway and we will still end up with hundreds of beans, but there is now room to plant some other stuff.

These chillies are looking good, P ate one and apparently they are extremely hot! He guzzled about two liters of water and was still complaining a couple of hours later...lol

All of the brasicas (Kale, Brocoli, Cauliflowers) we had tried to plant early this year to get an early crop have been infested with grubs, so I had to pull them out too. So I'm back off to the garden to plant some more seeds and try out the new watering system. (I'll post about that later)


Kel said...

I love these plants too ... it's Silverbeet in my garden lately. At least I know that when everything else in the garden is eaten and we run out of money, I can make a Silverbeet pie LOL!!

Nicole said...

looks nice & green
cucumber is very good after eating something hot, so is milk

Ariad said...

thanks for the hint nicole, I'll let dp know next time he eats a chilli

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