Thursday, February 4

Unschooling at school.

Rain has decided to go to school this year. At first I was a bit unhappy about it. Selfishly so. I was wondering if I wasn't offering her enough to do home schooling wise, or if she was sick of hanging out at home with the family.
But now I have come to look at it as an unschooling decision. She has chosen to learn at a school for a while and she is lucky to be able to make her own decisions about her education.
She is really enjoying it so far (it's only been a week so we'll see how she goes) She really loves the organization and timetables. When she was at home Rain loved to make timetables and plans so she's enjoying all the activities at school.
And she is also enjoying the interaction with girls her own age. I think that if we had know more homeschoolers her age it would have helped her enjoy it a bit more. But in the local HS'ing group Rain is the oldest by a couple of years.

And I have also decided to do some organized study this year. I've enrolled in a part-time massage course. I actually studied massage about 12 yrs ago, but within a year the legislation changed and the course I had just completed was no longer enough to be a recocnised qualification. I have never stopped learning about massage and reflexology and all different areas of natural medice but it has been my own unschooled study.
Now I've decided that I want to get some paper work to allow me to work in the field one day. It's been a while since I've studied formally...hopefully my brain still remembers what to do :)


karisma said...

I am currently reading a book called 20 chickens for a saddle. Its about a family living in Africa that unschooled their children. The book is written by the oldest daughter and she also wanted to go to school. Her mum did not like the idea but when she got sick the kids went for a few months. Robbie (the author) loved it. And when the mum pulled them back out again she was quiet upset to leave. Of course she adapted and by the age of ten had started her own business at home. Its a good story. What you are saying about Rain reminded me of her. Im sure she will have loads of fun.

Good luck with your own studies too!

Ariad said...

Thanks K
I'll have to look out for that book, it sounds really good.

Martin Maurer said...

I think highly of your respecting Rain's wish and give her the chance to see the alternative.

Whether she decides to stay with regular school or to go back to home- or unschooling, it will be a decision she makes and that's good. She's a lucky child to get that breadth of experience and to have that choice.

messyfish said...

Yeah for you! I want to study but my 20 nth old and my home business is all I can handle!

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