Monday, February 1

Rainy days of Summer

It rained all weekend. Which was so good, we really needed a decent rainfall for all our gardens. And it was good to spend a couple of days inside doing homely, rainy day type things.
The kids made a batch of cup cakes.

Mr T tried out my new rainbow umbrella, it works he informed

We made steps out of books for the slinky to walk down.

And after I showed them cats cradle with a piece of wool, they played for ages, coming up with all sorts of shapes.
Here are a few of the moves I taught Rain, I used to know many more but the memory is not what it used to be, lol

And I just had to put in this photo of Zan walking the kids to school!

And the moth Mr T found...


Jodi said...

I used to love doing the cats cradle, the church and the finger trap with wool but they also slip my mind on instructions (as I sit here with large rubber band making more injuries than shapes). Thanks for the link on 1 million women, this will go great in conjunction with the one small change one!

Kel said...

LOL! I love the pic of Zan walking the kids to school!

majikfaerie said...

wow fun! we're having loads of rain here too

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