Saturday, February 13

Now I love it that the kids are creative, they built this cubby house this morning.
But it's also the reason why my house never appears to be tidy.

This morning I tidied the loungeroom and then walked into the bedroom to make the beds and when I came back out (probably only ten minutes later) this structure had appeared in what had been the tidy lounge room! This also meant I had to re-fold nearly every sheet from the linen cupboard too.
Oh, you gotta love 'em!!!

I've been working on a pattern for some finger-less gloves for winter. These ones are knitted and crocheted. They are also the fifth pair, as I just kept getting them a bit wrong, and didn't want to settle for wonky gloves. So although they only took a couple of hours, they actually took a couple of days!
Well warn hands in winter will be worth it.


Erin said...

Nice gloves! My favorite color green :)

Kelly said...

Children are so amazing that way with their creative play. When I clean the lounge they think that is the perfect time to make houses with the sofa cushions and then all sorts of other things appear to add to it and we are messier than when we started. What beautiful gloves in such a lovely shade of green. Have a lovely day.

karisma said...

A clean room is a fresh canvas for creative kids! Enjoy, enjoy! They will be grown before you know it! I love seeing all your creativity coming out! You are really talented with your crochet projects!

Kimmie said...

Hi gorgeous Ariad

Pls come pick up a blog award that I have awarded you!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ariad! Love your blog. I have been meaning to ask for ages what is your recipe for green pawpaw chutney?

Keep blogging.


majikfaerie said...

those gloves are GORGEOUS!

softearthart said...

Pretty cool, gloves, cheers from sunny New Zealand , happy folding, Marie

Anne said...

I love your gloves, I need a pair for up here in winter but I'll be knitting mine, I picked some wool on the bargin bin at the local wool shop perfect for fingerless gloves.
I would love to crochet just can't seen to get past a chain stitch, it all becomes knots.

My kids love making tents too..:)

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