Wednesday, February 10

The amazing Mr T

My amazing boy is learning everyday. Well of course he is! But it is always a source of wonder how quickly children learn and how eager they are to learn. Yes kids naturally want to learn stuff, it is a cultural mis-belief that you have to sit kids down and make them learn against their will.

He is always performing new tricks, here's his "handstand on the coffee table".

Just today he mastered the art of shoe-lace tying.

And last week he bought himself a watch with his pocket money. And is starting to learn to tell the time.

And his creative side??? Well, how about pouring paints all over the outside table, and then sliding around on it on your belly. Makes some great patterns on the table as well as great body art!

So I think this pretty much covers the curriculum areas of Physical Education, Life Skills, Maths and Art and that's a tiny fraction of what he has done this week!


Jodi said...

I am wondering if he had permission to pour the paints and create? My sister and I did the same with some mission brown house paint back in 79, without permission and tried to clean the evidence on every tap on the property. Our folks were furious when they discovered the mess we created and there are still fingerprints to this day. He paint is a much prettier color and looks washable.

Stephanie said...

All I can do is nod, and say, "Yup."

karisma said...

Now this is what I love to see! This is my kind of natural learning. No art nazi's at your place I see!!! Yay!

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