Tuesday, January 12

The rain has made the garden explode witth growth, here are a few things I harvested yesterday.

I love the look of these Okra. Used them for dinner and they were really yum.

Spent most of the morning playing leggo with Mr T and Tui. It always amazes me how far leggo blocks get spread around the house and after you have packed them up you keep finding more for hours, under furniture and in all sorts of wierd places!

It's going to be hot today, hopefully I'll get time to take the kids for a swim at the creek which is looking alot cleaner now we've had some rain to flush it out. But first this morning I've got to go pick about a ton of tomatoes and eggplants and distribute them among the nieghbours (there really is way more than we can eat) Which is cool , I love sharing our yummy food.

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