Sunday, January 24


We went camping last week.
The kids made an interesting rope swing.

The view from the tent door...beautiful forest.

Relaxing in camp.

I love camp fires, I love the taste of the food cooked on them and sitting around at night watching the flames and talking.

Mr T tried out his new fishing rod. He didn't catch anything and was a bit disappointed but we are going fishing this afternoon so maybe he'll catch something then.

Tui took her boomerang out to try to knock out some

The only downside were the mozzies and marsh flies, my legs look like I've got the measles.


karisma said...

Half your luck! My DH hates camping :-( I wish we could go again..I love it! Tui looks so seriious..did she catch anything?

Ariad said...

No we harmed no animals in the making of this blog

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