Sunday, January 24

Another bag!

I seem to be a bit of a bag lady
This one started with a handful of lace and ribbons, reclaimed fabric from shirts and dresses...

And this pretty floral hand-printed fabric.

I made a pattern which was a rectangle with curved bottom corners.
Cut out the bag front and back and lining.

Then cut out two straight peices about 8cm wide for gussets for the bag and lining.

I decorated the front pannel with some ribbons and lace before stitching the whole thing together.

The bag turned out a little too wide at the top so I had to put a couple of pleats in. Next time I'll do this before I sew it together.
I added another piece of ribbon around the top to hide the stitching of my pleats. And here's the finished bag...


Kimmie said...

Ariad I just adore your bags :]

Ariad said...

Thanks Kimmie, I've just had an urge to make bags lately, I've been working on another crocheted one too :)

karisma said...

Very nice! And yes bag making can become addictive!

Amber said...

I wish i was capable and clever and could bang out bags. Good on you...hope you are well and love..xx

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