Wednesday, January 6

The Big Clean Up

With the New Year I've got an urge to declutter and clean up the house.
The plan is to do one room at a time.
Earlier in the week I cleaned up Rains room. You can see the floor now ;)
And now I have started on our bedroom. It is such a big job. Over the last two days I've thrown out (and given to good will) four black garbage bags of stuff. And, I'm not even half way through yet!!! Now it's gone I don't know how it all fitted in there.
The reason our room has so much stuff in it is because we share it with the two youngest kids, Tui and Mr T. While this is great attachment parenting wise it does make for one crowded room.
There are all of my and P's belongings in there and the kids each have clothes and toys as well. P stores his rockclimbing gear in the bedroom so the rats don't nest in it in the shed. The room also doubles as craft storage housing my sewing machine, wool and all the kids craft stuff. And until now the big toy box has been in there and the kids use what little floor space there has been as play area.
Wow, no wonder there was so much crap! I haven't even started on the wardrobes yet.
I just got to a point where I wanted my bedroom to be a peaceful, clean space and as there are no plans to build more rooms and storage spaces for awhile yet the only way to achieve this was to be ruthless and start chucking stuff.
It feels good though. I've never been a horder, I really love the feeling of getting rid of old outdated things. It seems to clear the mind as well as the house.
Better get back to it now, after the bedroom there are still four rooms to go. (Yep, our teeny-tiny house only has six rooms and they are all small, so we don't have much stuff to begin with...after this clean out we'll be living like gypsies...YEY!!!)


Anonymous said...

I have been doing exactly the same thing. we have been going through the house decluttering and through the toy box. Took the bags to the charity shop today and she reckons everyone is doing the same.
It feels good to clear the decks, less is always more and it frees up time to be doing more fun things for us when we clear the space. Lors

karisma said...

Same here! We took 9 bags of clothes down to the charity bins and then I found two more. My front room is full of toys and stuff from the kids rooms. Zak is getting rid of nearly all of his toys (turns out he was a very big hoarder, we found all sorts of stuff we thought we got rid of years ago LOL)

We have not had a clean out for years, it feels good!

Ariad said...

Must be the year for it!Getting rid of all the stuff has made our room seem soooo much bigger and it takes half as long to tidy up now. Zan my oldest is our biggest horder, he's got stuff for ten years ago and clothes that haven't fitted him for years but he keeps them cause they were special *sigh*...but yesterday he let go of a box of old toy so I was pretty wrapped!

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