Saturday, December 5

Market Day

We went up to the Crystal Waters Market today. It's such a nice spot.

While P and I had a Chai...

Tui got stuck into the organic pumpkin sourdough bread...

It's a lovely soft for the kids to hang out, with a couple of play areas...

...under big shady trees...

and a trampoline that is dug into the ground.

P bought me this you think that means he thinks I'm a witch?

and I bought some yummy raw honey.
This afternoon we have been in the garden picking three kinds of lettuce, rocket, mint, parsley, radishes, beetroot, sweet corn, zuchinis, brown onions and three types of tomatoes.
The first eggplant will be ready by tomorrow and the pumpkins are getting huge. I love the abundance in the garden at this time of year. Now I'm off to make some yummy dinner out of all that fresh goodness!


Erin said...

A trampoline built into the ground??? Never saw that! And ya can't beat raw honey :)

karisma said...

You are so lucky to have so much to choose from in the garden already. :-) Mine was planted a bit late this year and we are only now starting to get a little from it. Cucumbers and Zuchhinni or spinach. The tomatoes are abundant but all green thus far. Can't wait for them to ripen, we really enjoyed last years crop and the pumpkins are everywhere but no fruit yet. Sigh! Wish we had more room. LOL

Kelly said...

Those trampolines in the ground are such fun. We used to play on one as children. The market looks like such a laid out, happy place to spend time under the warm sun.

suzanne said...

Hello Ariad

We just love market day too. We have one spot in our town that hosts them. Organic market day, antique market day, lavender market day....Just love it! I love to see how your little ones have grown Ariad...I am sure you guys are enjoying the December Sunny days too.

Have a fantastic Christmas Season

Warm regards

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