Sunday, October 18

There's fun to be had...

I just love it how seemingly everyday events and object for us boring old adults :) are just more opportunities for fun for our children. It always reminds me that so many of our experiences are based on perception. If you expect something to be boring it usually is. But if you are in the now and not basing your actions on past experiences you see things with fresh eyes.

Children are open to the new, they haven't 'learned' their reactions, they act in the moment. I'm blessed to have four wonderful children who are always teaching me new ways of being.

Yesterday we got a new fridge delivered.
Even the arrival of the truck was exciting for Mr T (and slightly scary for Tui!) The refrigerator was unloaded and Mr T exclaimed 'that's the biggest box ever!'

I didn't see much of him all day, he spent most of it inside the box. It became a hide out, a tunnel and then probably a lot of other things in his amazing imaginary world.
Tui loved that box too!

And the trolley used to move the fridge became a new toy.

What to me was a useful tool and an empty box became hours of entertainment and exploration for the kids.
So today I will try to remember to look at the world around me with the eyes of a child and see the potential for joy and fun in everything.


lotusbirther said...

That is so true about there being so much joy seen through a child's eyes. That is one of the amazing aspects of home education - getting to spend so much time with amazing children who are free to live and experience joy in every moment of their lives. It is perhaps a cliche but it is so true! Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it, probably it had become so alien in my staid adult life before home education. Hey, whose being educated here anyway?! ;)
Love you and your blog, apologies for not dropping in often enough, life has just kept on happening and blogland has been some way away from me. Yes, I know, it happens to us all :)

Ariad said...

Oh, you get exactly what I mean. I know about life happening. But that's good isn't it! That real life is more important. I love blog land because it allows us all to conect but it is life that matters;)

katepickle said...

Ah a BIG box is so much fun!

It's so wonderful to be able to see the world through the eyes of our kids and remember to be amazed by all the little things!

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