Saturday, October 24

Kohl Rabi

This beautiful looking veggie is a kohl Rabi. It's related to broccoli and is looks similar when growing apart from the swollen base of the stem.
I'd never eaten on until last week. I'm not even sure if Ive ever seen then in fruit and veggie shops. But P picked up some seeds for them awhile back and they have grown really well.
Really beautiful purple colour that my old camera doesn't do justice to.
After searching through all my recipe books (not with a lot of luck) I googled it and found a couple of recipes.
You can apparently eat them raw if you pick then young and tender enough but unfortunately ours are all beyond that stage.
I peeled it. You have to take off quiet a bit to get through the woody outer layers.
So firstly we tried it steamed tossed in olive oil at the end with a sprinkling of fresh parsley and garlic chives. It tastes a lot like a broccoli stem but also a bit like turnip.
And since I have been putting it in everything. Made a nice potato, leek, fennel and Kohl Rabi soup and it goes well in curries. I want to cook a potato bake and replace half the potato with Kohl Rabi tonight. We'll see how it goes.


Kimmie and Heartpoet said...

Fascinating, haven't heard of this one before. Lovely colour. Love to hear how your potato bake goes with this included :]



karisma said...

Sounds interesting, Ive never tried it either.

Anonymous said...

You learn something new everyday so thank you. What a beautiful colour. I will keep my eyes open for them now

Ariad said...

The potato bake with Kohl Rabi turned out really nice...actually I'd failed to inform the kids that it had Kohl Rabi in...ooops! And they ate it all up, then mummy comes out and says 'so you like the new vegie?' LOL Will they ever trust me again.

gardenmama said...

The color is beautiful, sounds like a lovely dish! Happy weekend : )

karisma said...

Sure they will mama! LOL! I just got in big trouble coz I don't do the reiki like nana! hehe! (That might just be because I have just downed a good two bottles of wine! woops!) Geez I did the whole good parent thing and left the party early to pick up the working child, make sure the wayward one was home and dragged along a few extras to boot! I thought that since we were home I could down a couple more. No such luck. DD2 is whinging like you could not believe! She has blisters from ice skating yesterday and had to work tonight! How rude! Her ouchies are killing her and her mama! DD1 is away at her boyfriends, DD3 is home finally, with a tummy ache and her girlfriend in tow. DS1 is refusing bed as his mate is here! LOL! Life is so much fun hey? Just a little glimpse into the future my dear! They are so much easier and sweeter under the age of 10.

Martin Maurer said...

I know kohlrabi, of course -- it is a very common vegetable in my home country Germany.

But the ones we usually eat are the white, smaller variety. Like those on

I have a friend who loves to eat kohlrabi raw, as a healthy snack, like you can eat raw carrots. Otherwise we usually cut it up, boil and serve it as a cooked vegetable.

Ariad said...

Hello Martin :) Of course I should have guessed it would be common for you. How are your travells treating you?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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