Friday, April 17

Rainy days and fun times...

We've had more rainy weather here on the Sunshine Coast. We've had two floods in two weeks. Seems like it should be called the Rainy Coast!

But it is so beautiful and the trees are all growing so well this year.

The creek flowing over the road again.

And I can't keep the kids inside. They love playing in all the puddles... it just means more muddy clothes to wash and try to get dry...

Even Tui sat at the door calling to be allowed out in the water to play. Eventually big brother came to the rescue and Zan splashed in a puddle with her for a little while.
Luckily even when it rains the temperature is still in the mid-twenties! (celcius)

Here's another beautiful Rain!

Then when the Sun finally came we were all keen to get into the garden. The kids built a wigwam with apple tree prunings, vines and branches.

Tui helped too!

The finished wigwam!

Well almost finished, because Rain decided to weave some mats for the floor.

Peace has bolted some rock climbing holds onto the big pecan tree over in the playground.

And made a rope bridge from the Pecan over to the platform tree.

Mr T loves climbing anything, he is such a monkey.

And Rain's friend had a go too...

I even climbed up but unfortunately no photos ;)

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Amber said...

I love the world you guys live in, alive and

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