Friday, March 20


Tui was sick last night. Poor little thing was restless in bed so I got up with her at 1am. I gave her a homeopathic remedy which seemed to work and she settled back to sleep quickly. She hasn't really been sick yet in her nine months in the world so it was sad to see her so distressed. It is just a cold, the other kids have all had it this week.

These photos were taken of her sitting in the chair my grandfather made for my Mum when she was little. Tui has just worked out how to climb up and sit in it and is very pleased with herself. When I was taking the photos I was imagining my Mum sitting in the chair as a little one and it was such a nice thought. Not a lot of children's toys or furniture that are made these days will still be around in 60 years.

Anyway once she was tucked back in bed with MB and MrT, I couldn't get back to sleep...

The up side of insomnia is time alone...which is kinda rare homeschooling with four children.

I caught up on some reading, made some toasted muesli for breakfast and did some more of my crochet blanket.

The first two giant granny squares are done. I was thinking I might line the back of it with polar fleece when it's done so it is extra warm and cosy.

I also got to see a mid-night possum and her babies sneaking bird seed out of the feeder...cheeky possums!


The Magic Onions said...

I love how you see the silver lining in the cloud. Your blanket is gorgeous... ooh, greens!

autumncakey said...

Oh I love your blanket. Beautiful green deliciousness. xx

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