Monday, March 16

I'm back...

At last I'm back in cyber land, I got stuck in reality for a while there. But a nice person has lent me a computer until I can buy a new one.

We've been so busy here. With visitors, birthdays and building and stuff!

I started crocheting a new blanket for the bed...I know it's not winter yet but I thought I'd get a head start with it.

The first bit...

We saw this beautiful green python in the tree this afternoon. Just as I went to take the photo a butcher bird landed in the tree next to it. What a lucky photo.

And busy, busy building. We started a deck and verandah out the front side of the house.

a close-up of my expert nailing techniques...;)

everyone helpped, even Tui helped weilded a hammer

everyone digging foundations

and a little deck warming/ birthday party. It's not totally finished yet but hopefully soon.

Oh it's great to be back!!!!!!!


Currawong said...

It looks fantastic! What a lovely place to sit and watch things go on!

Welcome back :D

Erin said...

Welcome back! I missed your daily words ...
Your place looks great too. Lots of hard work being done, I'd imagine.
Much Peace.

suzanne said...

Hello Ariad

Welcome back. Its great to see your lovely family again. Your deck looks lovely. Would love to see your blanket when its finished. I like the colors.

Nice to have your blogging back
Warm regards

karenjane said...

welcome back, tell your friend that we all say thankyou for lending you a computer:) the deck looks great and look forward to seing your crochet blanket as it grows

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Keep going with the blanket, its going to be a beauty.... It matches the leaves.
Enjoy your wonderful decking and verandah! x

jodi said...

welcome back! amazing it

Anonymous said...


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