Saturday, November 8

Warning- this post contains BOOBIES!!!!!

There was an article in this mornings local newspaper about a woman who had been asked to go breast feed her baby in the toilets when she was at the local swimming pool!
Ooooh stuff like this gets me mad. I went to the article link to leave a comment and when I read the comments already posted I got madder!
There were some in support of the breastfeeding woman but so many who would rather breastfeeding was not allowed in public. Many people, even breast feeding mothers themselves suggested it should be done discretely.
I'm one of those who just whips it out whenever and where ever I am. I've been feeding fo so long it's just second nature to me. I fed Zan til he was three and Rain and Mr T til they were four. And now I'm feeding Tui. That's over eleven years of breast feeding over fourteen years! Wow have these titties served their pupose or what!
I can't believe such archaic attitudes are still so wide spread. I feel sad when I see Mums who feel they have to cover their breasts and babies heads when feeding in public.
So here are some of my fav breast feeding shots!

Tui and Tittie

Mr T

Feeding Rain at Emogen Beach

um,.......a male friend trying to feel the breast-feeding vibe....


autumncakey said...

Ariad- these pics are beautiful. Really beautiful. I can't get over that fricken' article. Idiots. Complete idiots!

mscherrylane said...

yeah it's just cos they feel guilty/uncomfortable about being such pervs... lol

at least you have a practical function you're not just being bondi beach exhibitionist... although even if you wanted to it's a free world right?!!

Amber said...

Breast feeding is the most natural and beautiful thing. People can be so backward.
These photo's are gorgeous. You look like a heavenly, warm mummy in all of them.
I forget people have such issues. I breastfed anywhere at anytime...oh well their problem not ours...xx

hippymummy said...

What do we have boobies for anyway? When i had Kayleigh i was 18 and the nurse at the hospital told me that i couldn't breast feed as i'd never been 'taught' how to do it!!! To put the icing on it she asked me if i got some kind of 'kick' out of it? Not the type that we DO get i think she was implying.
My son, John, was born at 34 weeks weighing 5lbs exactly. When i took him for his 6 week check he was 7lbs 12oz not bad for a preenie eh? The healthvisitor told me that he should weigh more at 6 weeks and said he wasn't getting enough nutrition. Me being young and foolish actually listened to what she said and went out and bought formula,bottles and all that crap. It was over the xmas holidays and it wasn't my own h.v. She came to see after the hols and told me to ignore what she'd said, she hadn't allowed for his prematurity etc. Too late, my milk had gone. At just under 13 weeks my son had died of cot death or sids. Later research said that the most likely victims of this were low birth weight, premature, BOTTLE FED boys. Well, he sure ticked all those boxes didn't he. 6 of my 7 kids were preenies, two earlier and as early as him BUT they were all breastfed completely. To this day i'm tortured by the fact that i listened to her. Don't let ANYONE put you off brestfeeding, whereever and whenever you need to do it. No one wants to carry around the guilt that i do for not listening to my instincts.

Anne said...

Beautiful photos.

Did you see the story about the breastfeeding Chinese police woman who breastfeed the orphans/babies after the earthquakes(if not, google it).

It amazes me how people get so up tight about something so natural but they're probably the same people who walk past the newsagent and wouldn't even batter an eye lid over the plastic boobies/cleavages on the front of the most of the magazines.LOL

Did your children self wean?
Little Loopity Lou is a little possessive of the girls. He dosen't like anyone near his boobies. I have trouble having cuddles with the rest of the family - he pushes them away.
My older two kids think this is funny.

hippymummy said...

just to make clear the point that it wasn't my own who told me he was underweight. It was my h.v. who told me to ignore the other though.

three moons said...

ugh, to the article and the ignorant comments.

My husband and I were eating at a restaurant when my oldest daughter was a few months old. She was hungry so I nursed her. The woman next to us got all upset because "how inappropriate! My son doesn't need to see that!!" They got up and left. Right behind me was a cardboard cut out of a Budweiser girl in a bikini, with major cleavage, holding a beer.

There is something seriously wrong with these views- our breast are made to make milk! To shame people to the bathroom or treat breastfeeding moms as less than- is just, unbelievable! This really gets my blood pumping. I guess these people should avoid the zoo or going into nature in the spring. They may just see another mammal feeding her young. oh the terror!

I love the pics and yay to all the mamas reclaiming what belongs to us and our children- something that is so important to society as a whole.

Ariad said...

Oh, hippymummy that is so sad. I have tears in my eyes. The death of a child must be something you never really get over. Hugs and kisses to you.
When I had Zan 14 years ago, I was told I was feeding him too much and too often. I'm glad I didn't listen but it still set up ideas in the back of my mind that I might be doing something wrong.

Anne, my first son didn't self-ween. I stopped him because I was so sick of the comments you get when feeding an older child. Like, is there any milk in there or do you just enjoy it? Also people asked if he'd be gay! WTF how would that have anything to do with ones sexual orientation?
The othre two did. Rain cut right back when I got pregnant with MR T. I did encourage her a bit because my boobs were a bit sensitiv when I was pregnant. Mr T still has the occasional sip, usually when he is sick or not feeling happy or needs some extra attension.

karisma said...

LOL! at your friend there! Im with you! Just saw the post at LL and left a comment. It really makes me mad that people still have such ridiculous attitudes in this day and age. And even madder that good mamas get co-erced into giving up too soon! Its so wrong! The longest I breast fed was 2 years and even that got a lot of comments about him being too big etc. It was most uncommon around here. I was so happy to meet up with some mamas recently who were still feeding their 4 year olds.

Earth Mama said...

The beach photo is so beautiful.. you have beautiful boobies too, even after all that breastfeeding ;)

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