Thursday, November 6


Mr T has been getting into the whole concept of practical jokes lately. He sets up elaborate 'traps' made of string and sticks and anything else imaginable and then not so subtly coerces his victim into the trap.
Then he colapses into fits of laughter and then wants you to fall for the trap again and again and again...
He had heard about the trap where you sit a bucket of water balanced on top of a door. And when the victim walks through the water falls on their head. He had asked me to help him set it up before daddy got home from work yesterday. I explained to him that it might be better to do that trick on a nice warm day when daddy wouldn't mind getting wet so much...and then I forgot all about it.
But Mr T hadn't forgotten. I was sitting at the computer when I heard Peace drive in and then heard Mr T getting all excited, (which he does everyday) and then as Peace opened the door a bucket full of water went flying over my head and landed on Peace and all over my computer.
OOooooops! I really had to walk away for awhile then. I managed to bite my tounge.
Mr T found me and said 'mummy I'm so sorry about your puter but I just love tricking daddy. And cause you didn't hlp me put the bucket on the door I just had to throw it at him.'
He's just so cute and sweet.. how could I possibly be angry with him for something he didn't mean to do?
Well the 'puter has dried out and is working-soradically-with an old keyboard plugged in cause the other one keeps typing qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
Might be time for another new computer.


hippymummy said...

Sorry about your computer but i LOVE this story! How little minds work, typical little boy thought processes at work here. Bless him (hope daddy doesnt catch a cold too) xXx

karisma said...

LOL! Now that is funny! Talk about an enterprising young man! Knows what he wants and goes for it! So how did daddy take it? Did he cop any of the water or did you get it all?

karisma said...

SNAP! HIppymummy! haha! We posted at the same time.

Anne said...


Amber said...

Oh dear..hehehe....
I love how fast they bring you back to reality with their sweet little words..
That is such a cute yet cheeky story..xx

Amber said...

By the way. My chickens are silkies. Aren't they just gorgeous..xx

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