Saturday, November 1


I recieved an award this week. Wahoo... I didn't ever expect to! Which makes it a lovely surprise.

“This blog invests and believes in ‘proximity’ [meaning that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy].” Which is a lovely thought and it's so true. Since starting to blog I feel like my circle of friends has expanded around the globe.

Thankyou to Karisma. I always enjoy reading your blog and it's lovely that you thought of me.

I am meant to pass on this award to eight other blogs.


jodi at Che and Fidel

hippymummy at the happy hippy madhouse

mammabear at Our Urban Homestead

the fairy shoemaker at Fairy steps

mscherrylane at The Art of Zhen

rain at yummyyumyums

Anne at loopity lou

I love you people.


hippymummy said...

Thankyou sooo much for the award! I'm very new here and am really touched by your kindness.I too feel like i have new friends since i joined and look forward to seeing what other mums have been doing with their kids all over the world. We may all live far away the support and understanding shared between us means our friends are never really far away. Again, thankyou so much, Brightest Blessings, Sarah xXx

karisma said...

You are welcome! I love reading your blog too!

Hugs xxxx

Mumma Bear said...

Aw, thank you for the award!! I've never gotten one before, I'm very touched :)

Anne said...

"Thank You"
What a lovely surprise.

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